No other company offers a better service, period!

  1. Outside only: We offer much better spider control than our competitors. with attention to over-hangs and windows. We use more than one product to perform your services which provides much better results. We add an extra step with a chemical barrier and sweeping instead of just sweeping the cobwebs alone. We can reduce your spider populations with a better prevention program and keep ants and other pests from coming in near the foundation. Our service works!
  2. Inside and Outside, just like our bi-monthly service, only less often. In combination with our quality outside treatment, we provide a simple indoor supplemental service to reduce spider populations and give you an extra layer of protection to help control the spread of bed bugs. Our inside service is designed for sensitive accounts to help insure your family's comfort.
Again, we're picky about what products we use with this service! Sound chemical research has greatly changed the pest control industry just like it has the car industry. The products we deal with are targeted to the pests you ask us to control and we train constantly to better accomplish that goal. Poisons are to be greatly respected, so do yourself a favor and let a professional handle the job right! The newer science gets you a level of care that wasn't available, just a few years ago, and it's certainly not available at the local hardware store!

Many of the pests we cover: Roaches, spiders, ants, stink bugs, earwigs, silverfish, psocids, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, cabinet & closet pests, mice & rats. We strongly recommend a Bi-monthly service for better control over roaches and spiders!
  • Labor intensive, serious infestations, may incur a minimal additional charge to the first payment.
  • Payments are due when the service is applied. Fortunately we accept the following:
Cash, Checks, all major Credit Cards and PayPal are welcome here!

The bottom line: We try hard to be fair and we just ask the same in return!