Beneficial Insects

Honey Bees and Other Beneficial Insects

Sure, we work to keep the outdoor pests, outdoors of homes and businesses, but it’s important to recognize that there are many beneficial (outdoor) insects as well!

Obviously honey bees are in this category, but so are mantids, butterflies, and believe it or not, so is the carpenter bee!  By now you know that honey bees are primary pollinators and their numbers are under pressure from our environment.  Pesticides are one of the pressures and we want to do our job to protect them!   

We DON’T spray plants with buds or blossoms where these guys do their work!   It’s important to protect the endangered European Honey Bee and the rest of the pollinators!  

mantis religiosa

Along with the pollinators, there is another beneficial insect you might want in your garden.  The Praying and Carolina Mantis, both common in this area, can help reduce pest populations in gardens.  If your garden has a problem with box-elder beetles, this could be a possibility for you.  Only problem is, they’re appetite leads them to feed in a rather indiscriminant fashion, eating anything that presents itself as a meal.   Honey Bees are fair catch!

Argiope aurantia


The bright black and yellow Garden Spider (arachnid) is an Orb Weaver that we like to leave alone as well, unless, a customer has a specific problem with them.  Spiders can be very beneficial outdoors keeping pests down!