Controlling ants is an art!   Fortunately, We Love (the) Art!

Most of our customers came as a referral from someone else.  75% of those, originally came looking for help with ants.  Ants are tough to beat, so don’t feel bad!   The problem generally gets worse with each passing year.  This year, off and on cold weather is throwing everyone a curve when it comes to ants.  The biggest issue is the ones you don’t see making moving a nest in a wall or walls.  If you’re having problems, you need to pull them back outside, and especially, don’t wait!

Ants are difficult to control because they’re well organized with a jumbo work ethic!   Foraging for food and establishing colonies, Carpenter Ants for instance, track down moist rotten wood to locate satellite colonies under problematic roofs, insulated walls, behind soffit and fascia boards.  These large ants can create quite a mess!

It’s a really good time to call us, since Ants are a specialty!

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