Termites are a very real problem in North Carolina!


 How long has it been since your home was treated to prevent termites?

Renewing the protection around any home’s foundation is one of the best things you can do to protect your investment and we can help make it very affordable.  New Chemical Advancements have greatly improved safety and effectiveness over the last two decades making it much easier to save you money in the quest to keep termites away.  A foundation liquid treatment is still preferred over Baiting Systems, especially when considering your cost in the long run.

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If you presently have a termite baiting system around your home, we can often save you money and include free annual home inspections to confirm that your home is properly protected.  An annual home inspection is often neglected when bait stations are the only inspection made.  It’s important to know that your home is not being damaged in other locations where the baiting system might not be effective!


Order a Termite Inspection For Your Home!