Bedbug treatments can be difficult and very labor intensive

Three chemical treatments are usually required to properly 

eliminate the problem. 

Just like painting a room, we’ll guide you in exactly what’s necessary to prepare

for the best outcome!  Prep is everything!!!

Clutter is your enemy!  

Clutter completely exacerbates the clean-up process. 

This is a great time to sort through that “stuff” you no longer need! 

Encase your “mattress AND don’t forget the box springs!” 

Please, “don’t” throw your bed away! 

Encasements are a great invention and are well worth the money you’ll spend.  Encasements leave the bedbugs more vulnerable and easier to spot.  Covering all of those mattress seams is a great step forward to rid your room of the pests, because that’s where many of the eggs are.  It won’t eliminate the problem, but encasing both your mattress and box springs entombs the ones that are there, so those won’t bother you any further.

Next, always use a bed frame and never use a bed that’s directly on the floor.   A bed frame will make it harder for them to get to you and the frame legs can be adapted to monitor for further activity.  A good queen sized bed frame is for just $60 on Amazon, and it can be delivered directly to your front door.  Don’t forget to order the mattress and box spring  encasements at the same time too!

During and after the treatment, you must always take real precaution not to re-introduce them back in the treated living areas!  Get heavy large black garbage bags to put un-treated items in, and use new ones to put the heat treated items back in.  Most importantly, “label everything” what they are, and whether they or “Un-treated or Treated.”  “Never reuse the untreated bags!”  Always dispose of everything carefully, sealed and preferably thrown away in another sealed bag. 

What is treated?  Heat!  Heat to 120 for one hour. 

Higher temps can be used to reduce the amount of  time needed, but that depends

on which items can withstand higher temperatures.  Proper time is important

because you want to be sure you’ve killed their eggs!

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