Passion makes us different at Salem Pest Solutions, LLC!  It’s our passion about pleasing “you” with better results!   

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My passion has always been “to be the best at what I do!  Then, be different from the competition!”  I still offer interior treatments (not required) without smell or harm to hardwood floors.  I want to utilize a less powerful product inside that blends perfectly with the exterior protection to actually kill spiders instead of just sweeping them away.  Your comfort and well being is easier because of the newer products and techniques that achieve better results.  We as a company, understand that pest control is a luxury you don’t have to have. so we constantly strive to offer you a better value through better planning, communication and training.   To be the Best Pest Company you can call, then I must have a staff that is interested in helping you and a staff that I know you can “truly trust” around your home or business!  We offer bonded security-sensitive services and we are fully insured and licensed in North Carolina for both Pests and Wood structural destroying insects.

Thanks for considering “Our Team” for your pest services!!!
Chip Rudolph
pco/managing owner


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Best Pest Control Company in Winston-Salem