Beneficial Insects

Honey Bees and Other Beneficial Insects Sure, we work to keep the outdoor pests, outdoors of homes and businesses, but it’s important to recognize that there are many beneficial (outdoor) insects as well! Obviously honey bees are in this category, but so are mantids, butterflies, and believe it or not, so is the carpenter bee!  By…


Get help with your ANTS???

Controlling ants is an art!   Fortunately, We Love (the) Art!


Moisture is a Serious Enemy of Your Home!

Moisture is probably the biggest enemy your home faces outside of fire!   While basement moisture can generally be alleviated with a good dehumidifier.  Crawlspaces are another matter!  During warmer weather, crawlspaces need to be well ventilated to remove the moisture that the ground naturally releases.  A plastic vapor barrier should be present to allow controlled…

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

This is one bug that punishes farmers and greatly irritates the rest of us.  Yes, we can minimize the presence of stink bugs in your home, and show you how to exclude them from your home by better sealing off areas where they have access.  Did you see them in your attic when you looked…

Protect Your Home & Family

Managing a pest issue is not a one shot, do-it-yourself, weekend deal.  We don’t use just one product to control pests around most structures.  Your family’s comfort and your time, are more valuable; so let us take care of the pests!!!