basement_crawl_space[1]Moisture is probably the biggest enemy your home faces outside of fire!  

While basement moisture can generally be alleviated with a good dehumidifier.  Crawlspaces are another matter!  During warmer weather, crawlspaces need to be well ventilated to remove the moisture that the ground naturally releases.  A plastic vapor barrier should be present to allow controlled dehumidification.

The Starting of a Disaster!

The ground below your home naturally releases lots of moisture every year.  Add to that a leaking drain, water pipe, sweating duct work and No Ventilation, and you have a serious problem!  It’s a serious problem because termites and other wood destroying organisms will begin to thrive!  The insulation between your floor joists will absorb all that it can until it’s no longer insulating your home.  The insulation will sag and fall from all the water weight it has acquired.  The sub flooring and floor joists will absorb all that they can.  What could have been prevented is now an expensive problem that more than a carpenter will need to fix.

SO, let’s turn back time…

and do all that we can to keep that crawl space well ventilated to begin with!  If you have manual opening vents above your foundation.  Be vigilant and open them every spring through late fall!  If they don’t open, hire a trained professional to install automatic temp vents.   Have a properly installed vapor barrier placed on the crawlspace floor to keep moisture at bay!

Temp Vents & A Vapor Barrier Really Help!

Properly installed temp vents and a vapor barrier are all you need in most cases to keep the moisture at approved levels during most of the year.


Have Your Crawl Space Inspected Annually!

Inspect under your house annually to be sure things that pipes aren’t leaking, the a/c is draining properly and get an annual termite inspection.  Infact, our inspectors will let you know if something is leaking under the house so it can be taken care of in a timely manner!

FACT:  Keep your basement and crawlspace humidity levels under 55% !